When You Need To Put Diversity Recruitment First

Regardless of what job category or industry you are hiring for there seems to be a worker shortage. External factors such as the pandemic, the Great Resignation, or simply not having enough workers skilled up and qualified for certain jobs. All of this is coupled with top talent being picky on where they want to go. You better have a good reputation and a kick-ass culture or you will be left behind. But it still begs the question: how do I find top talent? And better yet, how do I find top diverse talent?

The old way of recruiting in newspapers certainly isn’t going to reach the right target. LinkedIn, Indeed, and others seem to be tapping out. Attending career fairs and even virtual career fairs often seems like a waste of time. And then there’s our colleges and diverse professional organizations – tactics that are outdated and overplayed.

So where do we go from here? In one word: digital. Sure, it can be difficult for clients to understand the technology, how it works, and its associated buzzwords. But in its simplest form, using a company like Fluency is where it begins. We can help you make sense of it all. So how does it work?

We will work with you to determine your greatest hiring need, create a candidate persona, and then using our databases we find where these types of individuals live and work. Then we create inclusive messaging that gets them to want to check you out. We use a variety of mediums, reaching them exactly where they are. We follow them around digitally so no matter the channel, platform, or app they are on we are serving them up digital ads, videos, and audio messages. Gone are the days of purchasing heavy contracts for one job site. We reach the talent on the platforms they are using already.

This is where diversity recruiting meets digital. Contact us today with your most pressing hiring needs and we will develop a game plan to fill those roles in no time.

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